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The Rescue

Don S. Coffeen | Tate Publishing

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One moment I’m merging onto the new bridge trying to make my 8:30 doctor’s appointment; the next moment I find myself ricocheting off an unseen car, off the bridge, and into four lanes of speeding traffic. I hear tires screeching to my left as adrenaline shoots through my veins. I jerk the wheel hard to the right so I don’t fly off the thirty foot embankment. I look in the mirror and see the smoke from tires still in the air. My heart is racing, and my breathing is so fast that I feel my lungs and heart have jumped into my throat. I pull off to the right side of the road and gather my thoughts. I should have been paying attention to my surroundings. I was apathetic to the warning signs going back for almost a mile telling me where, when, and how to enter this new bridge. They just didn’t seem important when I was flying past them, and now I have a thousand dollar deductible as a monument to my stupidity. And then it hit me that even though I wasn’t hurt, I still have my wife to deal with; this is her new car I just wrecked!

Years earlier, I battled a life and death situation while I was in the hospital with a heart condition. Just so you know, there was no light at the end of a tunnel. I didn’t see any relatives waiting for me, and I didn’t see Jesus in a flowing robe waving me in. Instead, I was taken back via memories to some of my failures. In a flash, just before I passed out from pain and from not breathing, I saw what I had done to God and how it affected my life and the lives of those around me. I knew better. I had plenty of instructions and warnings, but I chose not to take the older lessons from my youth to heart. Things like eating better, exercising more, and other simple ways of keeping healthy weren’t put into practice because I seemed healthy and fit at the time. Being prepared for the future was too much work and seemed to be an unnecessary sacrifice.

My heart condition and the wreck on the bridge are not the only things I rushed through or paid little attention to. My time in the word of God, especially the Old Testament, and the idea of being equipped for spiritual warfare didn’t resonate with me. After all I’ve been a Christian for a long time, I’ve read through most of the Bible, I’m pretty sure I have all this Christian stuff down by now. I have a few dollars in the bank and a church I attend faithfully. I am as prepared for this life as I’m ever going to be. Bring it on. Boy was that wretched thinking. What I didn’t know at the time was an Old Testament type of boot camp was about to begin.

This book will transport you back in time so you can discover for yourself what the heroes from the Bible were thinking and feeling during their struggles and their victories. You will experience and take in the lessons and battles that are laced throughout the pages of the Old Testament. These lessons are like buried treasures and pockets of wisdom. They are true to life and are filled with unfolding teachings. They must never be forgotten, raced past, or taken for granted. The costs for these lessons were the very lives of those we now learn from.

These are very serious times we live in, and yet, many Christians treat their Christian walk with very little respect. They will tell themselves elementary Christian things to do, thinking that they will get closer to God if those things are accomplished. For example:

“I’ll give a few more bucks in the hat when it goes by … I’ll read a psalm or two before I go to bed … I’ll say grace at the table every day this week … I’ll try to not say cuss words anymore … I’ll find my Bible and put it on the dash board of my car … I’ll stop thinking bad thoughts about the pastor … I’ll try to say amen when everybody else does.”

Most modern day Christians have about five percent of the courage and guts they need to get through these dark times. This is a real war we are in. The enemy has stepped up his attacks on us and wants to grind us all to powder. Do you really think you are prepared for this level of spiritual warfare by simply tithing a few extra dollars or by praying over your food? Do you think going to church every Sunday for an hour and a half is enough training and preparation for the evils you will face out in the world?

Many modern Christians have fallen into the trap of thinking that the more money they have in the bank, the more secure they are in their place with God and the stronger they are as Christians. Don’t allow financial security to block your need for deeper training in spiritual warfare. Money means nothing when fear and terror make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves.

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12, nasb).

While we’re shooting a squirt gun at the devil, he’s killing our marriages, kids, ministries, and our futures through his many deceptions. The devil takes his mission of destroying us very seriously.

Our journey into this book starts with the first five minutes of one of the most amazing battles that has ever been fought. You will be taken right into the battle, as you see it through the eyes and ears of a young, dedicated foot soldier. You will hear the voice of each commander as they lead their men into an enemy force five times their size and five times more brutal.

My prayer and hope is that from each battle lesson and life lesson we cover, you will be closer to becoming a valiant warrior for the Kingdom of God.

Each lesson will stand on its own as a springboard to strengthening your courage, maturity, and faith. We are at war—a life and death struggle. We entered this battle the moment we said “yes” to Jesus as our Savior. This battle is for our homes, families, churches, our Christian walk, and our victory as believers for the kingdom. How do we begin to prepare for this campaign that has been raging since Adam and Eve? By going into the life of an ordinary young foot soldier during the campaign to take the land of Canaan. From Joshua chapter 10, many commentaries, and many ancient historical writings, I have formed a fictional soldier named Joash; I then placed our hero into the hub of our story. As an allegory, Joash will touch on many of the same areas of spiritual warfare that we all face.

The objective for this book is to take you to a new level of skill and classification as a soldier by utilizing the full arsenal of God. We, too, are being asked by our King to become valiant warriors for the Lord.

You don’t need to be reminded of what has happened to so many mighty men of God who have had their pictures and failures splashed on the headlines of our news programs. For some reason, they assumed that because of their high level ministries and their past closeness with God, that they didn’t need any help or retraining (a common lie from our enemy). They didn’t stop loving God. They didn’t stop serving God. What they did was far worse. They stopped fearing God.

There is a way to get that fire and that reverence back into your heart and soul; it’s part of this boot camp training. Will you be counted among the few, who God calls to be watchmen on the wall, champions for the Kingdom, and valiant warriors?