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2 Timothy 2:16 – Vain Babblings

Friday, April 30th, 2010

In Bible Study, Group Gatherings etc. we find our self with those looking to propagate challenges to scripture. These babbling’s are satan’s way of interfering with our fellowship. If you disagree with someone because they believe in a slightly different doctrine or that salvation can be lost through sin, having a compassionate heart and patience will allow the sprit to speak to you. If anyone is seeking truth, GOD will deliver it to there heart. Sometimes we are not meant to understand things that have no value to our GOD given gifts. The Pharisees’ were constantly seeking to find fault in Christ, Christ just moved on and the truth remained with him.

My hope and prayer is I would understand more about my gifts and be used by GOD in my life.

From: Mark Espinosa –